The most important tool you'll need to assemble our racks is a bottle opener (optional!)
The most important tool you’ll need to assemble our racks is a bottle opener (optional!)


You don’t need to be a home handyman to install or assemble our wine racks.

Arguably, one of the best features of the Vinrac Plastic Wine Rack system is that it easily slots together- No Tools are Required!

All you’ll need to assemble our Belair Wine rack is…..  a rubber mallet. That’s it!

A bottle opener (and a bottle of wine) may also assist with the assembly process, however we’ll leave that option entirely up to you!

Instructions Provided

All our wine racks are shipped with a paper copy of our detailed instructions. For your convenience, we have also included these installation instructions on this site – please see the links below.


Wine Rack Installation and Assembly Instructions